Norm holds a degree in an area of study that seemed like a good idea at the time. Having spent far too much of his youth and way too much money bumbling aimlessly about at several universities in the mistaken belief that he must have just picked the wrong one, he has come to consider himself an expert in a staggering array of fields for which he holds an impressive lack of qualifications.

However, all that invested time was not entirely squandered. For what may loosely be described as his efforts, he received a piece of paper, printed in imitation medieval font and enclosed in beautiful red pleather, that promises (assuredly) vast legions of eagerly awaiting employers that he knows something related to a topic about which he was several times asked to read. Ever since, that document has enjoyed pride of place on the dashboard of the rusty old car out of which he is now living.

Norm would appreciate it if you were to follow his blog, where he occasionally posts stories of his misadventures both at home and abroad and offers his opinion on matters for which he is entirely unqualified. He promises that all his anecdotes are true and that you can take his word for it because, as you’ll surely see, he lacks imagination.