An American’s Thoughts on an Englishman’s View of the U.S. Election

I am not often in disagreement with Dr. Sean Gabb. We can certainly agree that the American empire, which grew up in the decades following the Second World War, has had many detrimental effects on Western Civilization and on the world at large. What benefits it did bring with it came decades ago and dried up with the end of the Cold War. All the same, I do not share Sean’s ambivalence toward the future of American society. To paraphrase his opinion as I understand it: Let befall America whatever may, just so long as it ceases to be a nuisance to Britain.

Now, I doubt the fact of my not sharing his sentiment would surprise anyone, considering that I am, myself, an American. It is therefore only natural that I would have a vested and personal interest in the future of my country. Less obvious, perhaps, is that in my view the people of the United States and of the United Kingdom have a much deeper vested interest in the future of one another’s country than comes through in Sean’s essay. If the character of my country is allowed to be changed in the manner that president Obama, secretary Clinton, and a host of other establishmentarians have in mind, it will be to the great detriment not only of my country, but of those of our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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The Bulls*** and the Bear

Watching the third presidential debate last night was painful. I have never been one to yell at the TV, but last night was an exception. I have never seen such bold-faced lies and outright hypocrisy in my life than what I heard from Hillary Clinton. Even after all the Wikileaks revelations and the O’Keefe documentary, the woman had the audacity to proclaim that political graft and corruption must be brought to an end, and she’s the one to do it. Confronted with her own words about wanting open borders for the entire western hemisphere, without pause or expression she attempted to shrug it off by saying that she was referring to open borders for energy… I was unaware that energy has hitherto required visa sponsorship to enter the United States.

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Observations on Last Night’s Presidential Debate

Watching the presidential debate last night, as always, was a difficult thing to stomach. Preparing for and watching these things is like going in for a colonoscopy. You know you should probably do it from time to time for good measure, but at the end of the day, whether a colonoscopy or a presidential debate, it’s a shitty spectacle and an ordeal that will leave those subjected to it walking funny for the next few days.

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